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About Us

We at oak-107 are a young team that enjoys hospitality and high quality products. with our handcrafted smoker from Dallas, Texas and the best produce, we are proud of our BBQ staples and modernization of the art of smoking - with oak wood at 107 °C

Maximilian Sommerer Owner
Amos Wirth Restaurant Manager
Nicolas Villarme Head Chef


Our menu combines passion with the upmost quality of products. We continuously aim to provide our guests with memorable culinary experiences. No matter the preparation style, we strive to ensure that each dish will unfold to its full potential.

Kitchen open from 11:30 - 22:00

Vom Fleischer DIrekt auf Ihren Teller

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Our wine list caters to all tastes, with a vast selection of bottles from Austria and the world's primary wine regions. Our sommelier is dedicated to ensuring that everyone finds their perfect match. Whether you're in the mood for an aperitivo or a relaxing glass of wine, join us at our bar and indulge in our exquisite selection.


Mariahilfer Strasse 47
1060 Wien

NB:  If you are arriving by car, we recommend using Garage Windmühlengasse,
Exit Mariahilfer Strasse - 3rd Floor .

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

11:30 - 23:00

Make a Reservation

For parties of 8 or more we offer a 3-course menu for 59€. Please contact us via email at:


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